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Welcome to Christian MotorSports Illustrated

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Where the Kingdom of God Meets the World of Man and Machines!



CMM is a 501c3 IRS designated non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.  Sponsor The Message into the world of motorsports...
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Ah... the growl of a hungry motor, the scent of air perfumed with a mix of gasoline, motor oil and nitromethane, the squeal of screeching power tools — and the thrilling adrenaline rush that can only be found in motorsports!

It's the revving engine of an 8000 hp Top Fuel dragster braced for the flash of amber light; the crunching metal beneath 10,000 lbs of ground-quaking force from a 12ft-wide, 20ft-long, 14ft-high monster truck claiming a new victim; the uncompromising paint swaps on NASCAR’s asphalt speedways at 200 mph; the spray of water from a 7000 lb nitro breathing machine ripping thru the liquid quarter mile at speeds exceeding 250 mph... and so much more!

Hot Rods & Cool Rides DELUXE!!!! From a Chriistian Family Friendly View!!!

CMI brings it all to you; chrome, smoke and big engines — with Jesus in the middle!

We cover the entire world of motorsports, from NASCAR to dirt, snowmobile, drag boat, NHRA, go-kart, Moto-X, car shows, bike rallies, lawnmower races, etc, etc, etc... with a unique Christian spin unlike anything you will find in any other motorsport publication.


Each issue, we take you behind the garage doors for exclusive interviews. You will be inspired by the stories and testimonies from the hottest racing stars of today like Hillary Will, world's fastest female racer in drag racing history, to the legends of yesterday that have always been an inspiration such as king of NASCAR, Richard Petty.

We feature regular columnists from the NSRA, Team RFC, MRO, Christian Street Rodders & Racers Association, and many more!

At CMI we continuously bring you the latest in NASCAR news, fuel saving tips, “how to” techs, smoking hot bikes... nonstop action on every page!

It’s fast cars and faith brought together to provide you with the most uplifting and exciting motorsports magazine available today!



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