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Welcome to Christian MotorSports Illustrated

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Where the Kingdom of God Meets the World of Man and Machines!



CMM is a 501c3 IRS designated non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.  Sponsor The Message into the world of motorsports...
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PO Box 790
Quinlan, TX 75474


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Ah... the growl of a hungry motor, the scent of air perfumed with a mix of gasoline, motor oil and nitromethane, the squeal of screeching power tools — and the thrilling adrenaline rush that can only be found in motorsports!

It's the revving engine of an 8000 hp Top Fuel dragster braced for the flash of amber light; the crunching metal beneath 10,000 lbs of ground-quaking force from a 12ft-wide, 20ft-long, 14ft-high monster truck claiming a new victim; the uncompromising paint swaps on NASCAR’s asphalt speedways at 200 mph; the spray of water from a 7000 lb nitro breathing machine ripping thru the liquid quarter mile at speeds exceeding 250 mph... and so much more!

Hot Rods & Cool Rides DELUXE!!!! From a Chriistian Family Friendly View!!!

CMI brings it all to you; chrome, smoke and big engines — with Jesus in the middle!

We cover the entire world of motorsports, from NASCAR to dirt, snowmobile, drag boat, NHRA, go-kart, Moto-X, car shows, bike rallies, lawnmower races, etc, etc, etc... with a unique Christian spin unlike anything you will find in any other motorsport publication.




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