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From the Publisher

Roland Osborne I love publishing — from getting the stories in, picking the photos and identifying the theme of each issue....  it's a real joy for the whole team. Often we feature stories so powerful that they have deep eternity changing potential. At the same time, the birthing of each issue is a huge process for the team: from getting the stories, calling on advertisers (new and current), arranging for the art and layout, coordinating with the printer, shipper, mailing service, subscription department and the financial accounting team to newsstand, bulk and donation copies distribution, etc, etc, etc… but at CMI, we wouldn’t have any other way.

Most importantly, we want to make sure that all of our readers know Jesus and have their eternal passports in order. In Matthew 25:31-46…the sheep and the goats illustration — Jesus gives a very clear picture of the end-time judgment and the criteria upon which all will be judged. Bottom line is… you don’t want to be a goat!

CMISubscriptionBannerIt’s real clear to anyone with a clue that when the Bible says we all fall short — we don’t measure up to God’s standards — that it’s right on. Hey, I’ve been doing this bit for 37 + years and I still need to ask forgiveness, and renew my mind everyday. Thank God that Jesus paid the price for my unworthiness on the cross. Romans 10:9,10 says that if I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved… I immediately and permanently shift into the sheep category and have eternal life with Him in Heaven! Praise God! Hallelujah! That’s even better than winning the Daytona 500, Winternationals and the World Series all on the same weekend!

So pray a prayer in your own words — telling Daddy God that you’re just a tad bit embarrassed about your behavior and that you really want to do better and thank Him that Jesus’ blood is running interference for you until you get it better in the groove. Tell Him you don’t want to burn in hell’s fires for eternity and that you believe that His Son Jesus’ blood atoned for (wiped out) all your sins and you’re gonna keep workin’ on it ’til you get it right. Then seal it with Jesus’ Name and guess what?… You just got born again!!!

If you did that, drop us a note because we want to send you a Bible, some really cool books on your God ordained authority as a believer and a free subscription to this magazine!

Hey, it doesn’t get any better than this!

God’s Best,

Roland Osborne

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